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Short biographical notes :

     Not only a knife maker, but also a sculptor, painter and actor. It was his own idea in fact, the home museum of the Sard knife project.
     Married with two children, Paolo P. is born in Arbus on the 26th of October 1957, and from a young age he learns to work metals.
     Under close observation of his father Mario, Paolo becomes a master, then a few professional mechanical courses and two years at Brescia to learn about work management.
     But he can`t stay away from his beloved island for too long so comes home to Arbus to continue work in his father's workshop.
     Years of application and hard work have gone in to making the brand name "Arburesa", the company and tradition of the "belly blade" typical of the local area.

(by "Arti & Artisti - Catalogo dei nuovi talenti italiani - Tarquinia [ VT ] 1997")

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